Closer to Close

29 NOV kl. 15:00 – 19:00
Frilagret, Heurlins plats 1A, 413 01 Göteborg

How do you get to a foreign country as a refugee? What options do you have?
Have you made up your mind about refugees? Have you ever spoken to a refugee?

Closer to Close -part 1 is a dance movie and has premier on Frilagret 29th of November.
At 15.00 there will be a short presentation of the project, then the movie is being played on repeat until 19.00 (the movie is about 5min long)
This is a part of a pilot and the artists involved hope this could lead to something bigger.

Note that the piece:
-Do not take any political side (And we will not discuss politics)
-Is based on true events (Then reworked by the author)

Author and Storyteller: Jabagh Haj Hassan
Film: Eric Gustafsson
Dancers: Christian Jensen and Nilla Björkman
Choreographer: Nilla Björkman

Closer to Close i supported by
Frilagret and Göteborgs stad
and in collaboration with Staden är din