VARIA2018 offer interesting program dedicated to voice, sound, dance and movement practice. Enjoy great workshop by composer, voice artist Alessio Castellacci, four classes by multi-skilled dancer, choreographer Susanne Martin and exiting class by Alex Nowitz composer, voice artist. Educational Program is given in English. VARIA2018 erbjuder intressant program dedikerat till röst, ljud, dans och rörelse praktik. Ta del av spännande workshop av kompositör, röstkonstnär Alessio Castellacci, fyra klasser med multibegåvade dansaren, koreografen Susanne Martin samt fördjupande klass av Alex Nowitz kompositör, röstkonstnär. Undervisningsprogram ges på Engelska.

CLASSES……..Susanne Martin…..………15/1…12.00-13.30..&..16-18/10…10.15-11.45………………………………………
I teach what I embody as dancer and performer. I teach what I know most about, what I learned and still passionately study. This series of 90 min classes will use some tools from contact improvisation, group and solo improvisation to feed your dance skills and dancing appetite and the use of your full movement potential. See you on the dance floor! Susanne Martin focuses on CI, instant composition, somatic awareness, and ironic distancing as core considerations in contemporary performance making. These classes are open classes – go to studio, pay there, take one or all. All dance and movement artists are welcome. The classes is introduced in a VARIA collaboration with Danscentrum Väst. More info Danscentrum Väst.

WORKSHOP…”Breath, Voice, Movement as performance tools”…Alessio Castellacci…17-18/10…17.30-21.30….
In this workshop you will be introduced to different tools for improvised performance and vocal real-time composition. We will approach the voice and movement connection from two linked perspectives: The experience of sound as a tactile vibration, perceived in the body and the practice of following inner impulses and spontaneous images that can function as a unifying process of voice, mind and body during improvised performance.
I will guide you through a mix of exercises inspired by somatic practices and energetic movement meditations. Where the main focus is the activation of the senses and their imagination, and of the pleasure of moving and sounding with heightened awareness. So that you can find your personal way of working with breath, voice and movement impulses as tools for improvising. We get out of our busy head and into our intelligent vocal body, that’s where the fun begins! Please bring an every-day something you can use as a personal blindfold (a scarf or alike). Artists & students with profound interest in voice-work and movement are welcome. Max 14 participants.

CLASS…“Voicescapes – Exploring the vocal potential”…Alex Nowitz…20/10…11.00-13.00…………………………………
In this class Alex invites students to explore the voice and its idiosyncrasies, to try unfamiliar vocal techniques, both extended and conventional singing practices, and to gain a better understanding of the impacts of the applied vocal techniques. By working on compositional concepts of how to engage with other voices within the performance space, the class will create vocal miniatures – voicescapes, as Alex likes to call them, that reveal the vocal potential and as well as its communicative powers. Alex Nowitz explores the voice to its full extent presenting a wide array of various extended vocal techniques, a multitude of noise and whistle sounds, and pushing boundaries by singing low tones in the style of Kargyraa or high tones in the soprano register. During the 1990s he studied the tenor voice, while simultaneously being active in experimental Jazz- and Punkrock. Currently, he’s a PhD candidate at Stockholm
University of the Arts, working on the artistic research project ‘Expanding Vocal Spaces: Explorations By The Multivocal Practitioner. Artists & students with interest in voice-work are welcome. Max 14 participants.

Classes Susanne Martin 15/10 12.00-13.30 & 16-18/10 10.15-11.45
Danscentrum Väst, Ärlegatan 3, Göteborg, Sweden. SEK 120 per class, or Danscentrum Väst member-card.
No registration needed, classes are open. These classes are introduced in a VARIA collaboration with Danscentrum Väst.
More info Danscentrum Väst.
Workshop Alessio Castellacci 17-18/10 17.30-21.30
Gröna Rummet Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins väg, 41314 Göteborg, Sweden. SEK 1000. Deadline registration October 7th.
Registration & info: workshop(a)
Class Alex Nowitz 20/10 11.00-13.00
Gröna Rummet Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins väg, 41314 Göteborg, Sweden. SEK 200. Deadline registration October 7th.
Registration & info: workshop(a)
VARIA2018 pass with discount: Attend workshop 17-18/10 & class 20/10 & 1 ticket for performance-evening 19/10 or 20/10.
Receive discount á SEK 250. Deadline registration October 1st. NOTE! Offer is subject to availability. If this is for you, book/contact: workshop(a)

VARIA2018 with support from/med stöd från Göteborgs Stad Kultur och Konstnärsnämnden.
Thanks to/tack till co-workers/medarbetare, Konstepidemin, Danscentrum Väst, Dansalliansen.