Toby Gunn

Toby is a British dance artist who has been dancing for money since 1990! In the mid-90s, he ran the experimental choreographic workgroup Toby Gunn et al. As a dancer during the past 30 yrs. he has danced for, and collaborated with, a number of companies and choreographers (just a few of these include Russell Maliphant, Wayne McGregor, Yolande Snaith, Sophie Maslow, Javier de Frutos, Eva Lundqvist, Mona Økland, Adi Sha’al, Noa Wertheim… and more).

One of the founders of Kävesta Danslinje, Toby has been teaching there since its inception. He was on the faculty of the Middlesex University foundation course at Harlow College and has been a regular guest at Millennium in London. Toby has taught open professional class, company class, and in institutions in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Since 2008 Toby has also run a successful Bowen Therapy practice.

About the class: 

We start with a few minutes “tune-up” for the nervous system and the connective tissue, employing various movements, touching-points and controls. Then by natural progression, depending on the needs of the class, we get semi-supine for a few minutes, taking a moment to notice and confirm the relationship between various aspects of the body and the floor, and playing with where certain movements can come from.

Throughout the class we take the opportunity to explore how one can fold freely in the larger joints, find and use elasticity, lift, glide, take flight and return to the ground… with tensile integrity, ease, awareness and direction. Where do we store momentum before re-directing it?

All of the above is achieved without the need for getting too intellectual or “precious”. We get to release while generating and using power as and when required.