Open call 2-day lab


Wednesday 10 June and Thursday 11 June
Duration: 10.00–17.00
Location: MDT and Moderna Museet, studios and outdoor spaces

Open call
In conjunction with the symposium ”Translate, Intertwine, Transgress” we present a 2-day lab in collaboration with Konstnärsnämnden (Iaspisprogrammet and Internationella Dansprogrammet) and Dansalliansen. The lab is led by Jeanine Durning and Melati Suryodarmo. Please find an introduction to the two artists below.

The lab will be led by the two artists, one based in the field of visual arts and one in the field of choreography. They will lead a mixed group of artists and the lab will serve as a meeting point of practices, an encounter between the artists participating.

The 2-day lab and its content will be created around the 20 chosen participants and the set-up of the labs day will be announced in the middle of May .The selected participants will be offered free participation on the lab, working with both Melati and Jeanine. The grant also includes admission to allevents during ”Translate, Intertwine, Transgress”. A possibility of travel grants will be awarded based on individual applicants homebase.

To apply: Send a short presentation of yourself and your current artistic work, max one A4 to no later than 1 May. Notification of selection is given 10 May.


Presentation Melati Suryodarmo
Melati Suryodarmo’s performances deal with the relationship between a human body, a culture in which it belongs to and a constellation where it lives. Through the presence, she compiles, extracts, conceptualizes and translates some phenomenon or subjects into movement, actions, and gestures that are specified to her performance. Melati Suryodarmo´s performances concern with cultural, social and political aspects, which she articulates through her psychological and physical body. Her performances feature elements of physical presence and visual art to talk about identity, energy, politics and relationships between the body and its environments. Melati Suryodarmo studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany under Marina Abramovic.

Suryodarmo has presented her works in various international festivals and exhibitions since 1996, including the 50th Venice Biennale 2003, Marking the territory, IMMA Dublin. e.t.c. In 2005, Melati Suryodarmo has performed at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, during the Exhibition of the Life of Egon Schiele in 2005; Videobrasil Sao Paolo (2005), Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, 52nd Venice Biennale dance Festival (2007), KIASMA Helsinki (2007), Manifesta7, in Bolzano, Italy (2008),and In Transit festival, HKW Berlin (2009) and the Luminato festival of the arts, Toronto, 2012. During the last six years, Suryodarmo has preented her work in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. For the Padepokan Lemah Putih Solo Indonesia, she has since 2007 been organizing an annual Performance Art Laboratory Project and “undisclosed territory” performance art event in Solo Indonesia. In 2012, she founded “Studio Plesungan”, an art space for performance art laboratory.

Presentation Jeanine Durning
Jeanine Durning is a choreographer, performer and teacher from New York City, creating solo and group work since 1998. Her performances, always grounded in a rigorous exploration of the plurality and potentiality of the body, exist within a precarious ecology of perception, relation, psychology, and ontology, often dealing with the slippery terrain of identity and the invented and paradoxical narratives of self. Durning’s current research deals with a practice she calls nonstopping which has manifested as a solo performance practice of nonstop speaking called inging. inging has been presented in Amsterdam, Berlin, Leuven/BE, Zagreb, Toronto, and across the US in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, NYC, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, with upcoming performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Durning is working on a companion practice of nonstop moving, which will premiere in New York City in September 2015.

Durning has received numerous awards and residencies in support of her work, including a New York Foundation for the Arts award and the Alpert Award for Choreography. She was recently nominated for the US Artist Fellowship. She is currently a Movement Research Artist in Residence (2013–2015). Her writings on dance have been published in Contact Quarterly, ARTI/Amsterdam, and the International Journal of Digital Media and Performance. Durning is dedicated to the transmission, translation and ultimate collaboration among artists through her teaching practice. She has been faculty at SNDO/Amsterdam and HZT/Berlin on and off since 2009, and has been current guest faculty at New School/Lang College. She has taught, mentored and advised students in movement and creative practices across the US, throughout Europe and in Canada. She often teaches through Movement Research in NYC. Since 2005, Jeanine has worked with and performed in several ensemble works by Deborah Hay, and most recently has been involved Hay’s project with the Motion Bank, an interactive archival project of the Forsythe Company, which includes her performance adaptation of the solo No Time to Fly and the trio As Holy Sites Go. In addition, Jeanine was consultant to the Motion Bank team on Hay’s choreographic work from 2011–2013, was choreographic assistant to Hay’s work and has been a performance coach to several Hay solo adaptations.