Nefeli Oikonomou

Nefeli OikonomouNefeli Ikonomou (GR/SW) is a performing artist, dancer and choreographer from Greece living and working in Sweden. Having been educated in dance (MoC) and design (UoA) she recently finished her Master in Choreography at DOCH and the interdisciplinary course Organizing Discourse in Konstfack University. She has collaborated and performed with many artists in different settings and recently curated the PT festival in Wip Konstall in Stockholm. Her curiosity on “threading” versatile affections in movement and dis-orienting norms, navigate her choreographic inventory.

About my class:
In this class of contemporary dance, by beginning from self-awareness and respect to our body, we will dance dynamically and un-conventionally. We will also integrate principles from soft acrobatics. Rolling, twisting, jumping, curving, balancing…we will test combinations with provoked tempo and go out of comfort zones. The focus will be on efficient ways of learning acrobatic moves and how to use them as a playground for enriching our dancing.