Nassim Meki

Nassim Meki is a Malmö based dancer, raised in Gothenburg and educated at the Royal Swedish ballet school in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Nassim has worked with company’s and choreographers such as Recoil Performance group, Mute comp physical theatre, Danish dance theatre, Virpi Pahkinen, Didy Veldman, Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Marie Brolin- Tani, ilDance, PotatoPotatoscenkonstkollektiv etc. This year Nassim will also join RTV dans ensemble.

About my class: My teaching is based on the mindset of release technique and Gaga with focus on isolation and great awareness of the body parts different functions. I use music as a tool which can convey and reinforce feelings in different combinations. I also breaks down the music to explore the rhythm or instrument that captures our attention and use this information to capture the movements it attracts. My combinations and choreography consists of organic movements that utilise the space with focus on isolation, musicality and tonus. My class starts with a short improvisation warm-up that leads in to a combination. The music in my classes consist of hip-hop rhythms