Michael Langeneckert


Michael Langeneckert is working freelance as choreographer, teacher and dancer and lives in Freiburg/Germany. Since October 2018 he is working under his new label moving orchestra and creates dance projects in Freiburg, works as a guest choreographer for companies and schools as well teaching contemporary classes all over Europe at companies, schools and open classes. In the next season 19/20 he creates a new project for moving orchestra in Freiburg and does also new works as guest choreographer for the theatre in Luzern and the students from Sozo in Kassel. Further on he is teaching internationally at Marameo Berlin, Profitraining Zürich, Profitraining Basel, HJS Amsterdam, HZT Zürich, Codarts Rotterdam, Danceworks Berlin, Theaterballettschule Basel, Sozo Kassel, Theater Bern, Theater Basel, Theater Luzern, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Staatstheater Kassel, Theater Pforzheim, Skanes Malmö, Opera Göteborg and many others. He was working as rehearsal director with tanz mainz(2015-2018) under the artistic direction of Honne Dohrmann as well at Staatstheater Kassel(2008-2012) under the artistic direction of Johannes Wieland. He worked as a choreographer freelance as well as at several state theatres in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He lead his own company rebound prod in Freiburg(2001-2007) and created several evening length pieces. As a dancer he worked freelance as well under fix contract and was engaged at theatres in Luzern, St. Gallen, Oldenburg, Kiel, Kaiserslautern and as well with the Cathy Sharp Company in Basel. As rehearsal director and dancer he worked with choreographers like Sharon Eyal, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, Koen Augustijnen, Garry Stuart, Rui Horta, Johannes Wieland, Linda Kapatanea and Josef Fruzek, Jossy Berg and Oded Graf, Martin Stiefermann, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann and many others.

Class description: The contemporary class of Michael Langeneckert combines 30 years working as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. Release technic, bodywork, conditioning, open structures. Detailed warm up through all the layers of the body gives the strong base for the floor work technic, which we work over several shorter and longer phrases across the space. Further on developing the physical intensity and complex movements in space within acrobatic elements. The main goal of the class is the constant flow of movement and the connection to beats and sounds to support the physical body. This is a technical contemporary dance training. It goes along with the actual tendency of the international contemporary dance scene.

The partnering workshop  combines technical principals, play with weight and  momentum. We try to explore the space with our own body connecting to the others in a playful way. We create flow and communication in an open structure and study the movement of our partner which aloud us, to find timing and lightness in the sequence. In the final part of the workshop we use the principals and develop them into a short partnering choreography.