Love Hellgren

Love has worked as a dancer mainly with Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania) and Kamea Dance Company (Israel) after graduating from The Rambert School in London. His technical and academic training was quite heavily influenced by Merce Cunningham. In recent years he has revisited this as training for himself
and by participating in a restaging of Cunnigham’s work August Pace with The Merce Cunningham Trust.
Class description:
The class will be based on Cunningham Technique, one of the major modern dance techniques. We mainly train standing up with similar leg work like in ballet, while incorporating a lot more articulation of the upper body. Considering any direction in the studio as the ”front” and rhythmic accuracy are other key concepts we will explore.
In Cunnigham’s choreographic work there is no hierarchy in spatial positioning, direction of facing, or types of steps. All being given equal value.