Jonne Covers


Jonne is a dancer, teacher, creator and performer from the Netherlands who came to Göteborg to study the master’s programme in Contemporary Performative Arts. Since her graduation from ArtEZ Academy for Theater and Dance (Arnhem, NL) in 2014, Jonne has been working as a teacher and maker within both the professional and the recreational field. She has been teaching at the preperatory highschool program of ArtEZ, at the BA Dance and Education of ArtEZ and at several evening courses throughout the Netherlands. She created various autonomous work, for stage, site specific and for screen.

Jonne specializes in contemporary dance, improvisation and collaboration with other art forms, such as music, text and film. In 2020 she graduated from the master’s program with a new dance film.

Class Description

In general my classes are physical, energizing, creative, relaxing and playful. I like floorwork, odd meters, travelling, games and dynamic phrases. This week I will mix the things I like into a nice fullbody training.