Christophe Dozzi


Christophe Dozzi was born in Colmar, France in 1976. He trained in the Strasbourg National Conservatory of Music and Dance and the Paris Opera Ballet School. He has danced with the Jeune Ballet de France, Zürich Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater 2 & 1, and GöteborgsOperan. In 2004, Dozzi started freelancing as a dancer and choreographer’s assistant to Jorma Elo, as well as being in demand as a guest teacher in various European companies such as NDT, the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Wuppertal Tanzteater Pina Bausch and the Forsythe Company, among others. More recently, he has worked as a rehearsal director at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (2015-16) and Ballet BC, Vancouver (2016-17). Since summer 2017, he has been freelancing again as a guest teacher.CLASS DESCRIPTION

”What I try to achieve, when teaching, is making ballet as organic and respectful as possible anatomically, with a slow and coherent progression, allowing the body, but also the mind, to come into the space and the present moment. While doing this, i like to give room for people to approach the ballet technique in alignment to their personal needs and abilities, with its load of healthy challenges and a general focus on dynamics, musicality, connection between all body parts, and above all, the element of joy related to the simple and fundamental act of dancing.”