Asher Lev


Asher Lev is a dancer and choreographer whose works have toured in festivals in Europe, Israel, Canada and the U.S. He danced for Batsheva in Tel-Aviv, Carte Blanche in Norway and in many projects across Europe. He has an M.A. in Choreography from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Lev is invested in teacher plants, Sufi Spinning Practice, sitting and moving meditation and ecstatic Breathwork.


Class description:

Borrowing from Circular Breathing, Mediation, Sufi, Gaga and Release Technique, this training is a carefully guided movement practice with much improvisation. Beginning from meditative positions, we continue with vibrations and shakes, collapsing in and out of the floor, extending our range of movement and dynamics and reaching ecstatic physical states which connect us to the pleasure of dancing. One benefits from increased sensorial awareness, improvement of improvisation and motor skills and more.