WORKSHOP: Movement Efficiency, Precision and Play

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

This workshop will focus around identifying, challenging and building patterns within movement, with the aim of connecting the body, building strength and playing with movement to help enhance performance. All done in a playful way to encourage us to enjoy the process of discovery within the body as well as focus on development. Developing throughout the workshop into how we can use this within in a creative practice.

A game can be just a game… until we decide to turn it into a training tool, but we must always be able to return it back to just a game.


Workshopen hålls utomhus, ta med oömma och varma kläder. 

Studion kommer vara tillgänglig för toalettbesök 

samt för att lämna tillhörigheter.

Vi möts/ samlas nedanför Danscentrum Väst på Ärlegatan kl 13:00.

Anmälan görs senast 24:e mars till: 

Max 7 deltagare

Först till kvarn!


About Aaron Vickers

As a dancer I have had the joy of creating, working and touring all over the world with companies and choreographers including Jean Abreu Dance (as a dancer and rehearsal assistant), Marc Brew Company, Renaud Wiser Dance Company, Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre (rep and creations by Christopher Bruce and Sharon Watson), Regionteater Väst (Repertoire and creations by Charlotta Öfverholm, Lidia Wos, Örjan Andersson), Lynne Page, Morgann Runacre-Temple, Kate Flatt, Cathy Marston and James Cousins Company (including “Within her eyes” film, GCSE syllabus work)

As well performing I have enjoyed teaching in various institutions including London Contemporary Dance School, English National Ballet School, Baletakkademien (Sweden), London Studio Centre, Central School of Ballet, Rambert, Performers College, Italia Conti, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Royal Holloway University and have taught both class and rep to companies including Scottish Ballet, New Adventures, Regionteater Väst, Dans Theatre Heidelberg, James Cousins Company, Marc Brew Company, Verve (Northern School of Contemporary Dance), along with regularly teaching workshops for a people with a verity of movement backgrounds around the world.

Aaron Vickers