WORKSHOP 8-12 July 2015 with Ina Dokmo

@ Bjällsansås Gård, Sweden
close to the west coast archipelago

The workshop starts off by introducing the Zen-meridians and their connection to the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We dive into the concept of the meridians as lines of energy that are connected to different organs, acupuncture points and interior/exterior worlds. Slowly we continue by exploring one meridian at a time through touch. We locate, sense and perceive through the meridian. This leads us to dance alone and together with sensory input to further the research as well as connecting through other systems of the body. The meridians can be used as a tool for technique and as a tool for finding different qualities, rhythms and directions in our dancing. Eventually and with lightness, the workshop opens up for reproducing other dance techniques, theories and truths of interest to us. To a mix of silence and different music styles we shake things out of our comfort zone and dance together in new ways using the meridians as inspiration only when we decide to.
Participants need to have some experience in improvising/dancing or other movement practices from before, and need to feel confident with exploring their bodies through movement and touch together with others.

5 days: 2000kr (£150)
All Food/Wine/Accomodation: 1500kr (£120)

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Please book your place asap or latest 30/6 2015

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