The work reflects the human desire to live. The absence of human rights forces many people to flee for their lives. Sibiri questions what happens when the human being becomes a refugee? What it escapes to? What happens after? Why the human being is defined as a criminal when they start to flee for their lives? The work is based on a journey that is complicated and dangerous, unfair and criminal.
Who cries, who keeps silent?
The human prepares for a long journey. It must let go of pride and above all, to be treated fairly along the journey.
One got stuck hanging between black sky and black sea.
How do other people perceive refugees? Those people who do not have to flee? Can they understand? Should we understand? Do we want to? Or is it easier to close the eyes? Who has the right to express an opinion and on what grounds?

What happens when one hope for freedom but faces imprisonment?
What happens when one is met by hostility from people and systems who lack understanding?
When one stands between the choice to die or to take the criminal action of fleeing, do one then have a choice?

Sibiri places itself at three different locations in Gothenburg during three different occasions. The first two in the fall of 2015 and the third one in the spring of 2016. It interacts with the place and the people whilst actively position itself in a limbo, like the journey others are forced to take.

Specific time and dates will be announced shortly.


Supported by Region Halland, Västra Götalands Regionen, Göteborgs Stads kulturförvaltning, Hourc residency, France and La Baguette Bleue, France.