The Present Moment

Ett samarbete med Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Väst
The Present Moment –daglig träning och dansworkshop med Nina Dipla

Nina Dipla ws
In this workshop the participants are given the possibility to reach a deeper level of conscience and trust in their way of moving. Nina Dipla conducts the workshop by her original method, which has been influenced from Pina Bausch’s, yoga and aikido experiences. Nina always keep in mind Pina´s words: ”The importance is not how the people move, but why they move”. Simplicity, the use of space, harmonious and fluid research will be the axes of this workshop. Nina will be working to provide the participants “to be true” and in the moment, to be a part of the space, and to avoid being influenced by others. To be simply open and available to the body and its necessity.
Kursupplägg: “We will work a lot with using our energy, weight and breath; there is nothing more you need to prepare or know in advance. Each day will be a new and a different experience of work. There is not a step choreography that you will have to learn. The workshop is structured so that you can join for just one day, for several days or for the whole week. Therefore you won´t feel lost if you lose a day of the workshop. Of course the longer time you can be present, you will have more possibility to explore your inside space and get a better relation with your ”inner self” and the other participants. For the reason that all the work I propose is based at the present moment and at the group´s disposability and trust, I need that the participants come without preconceptions of what we are going to do. Otherwise the ”magique” of the present moment will go away. There is a poem by Rumi that is a point of inspiration of the work I will propose to you: ”Beyond good doing and bad doing there is a space. I will meet you there.”

Om kursledaren:
Nina Dipla was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, where she received her diploma in 1993. She became a member of the Folkwang Tanz Studio (FTS) where she danced for, among others, Pina Bausch in the Right of Spring. Since 1999 she has collaborated as an interpreter for multiple choreographers, composers, and scenographers. She was an assistant to the Tanz Wuppertaler Theater (Pina Bausch) for the reprisal of Tannhäuser. Nina currently lives in Paris teaching contemporary dance and gives stages in France as well as abroad.

OBS! Kursen hålls på engelska!

Datum och tid:
25 maj – daglig träning 18.00-19.30 Ärlegården
26-29 maj – daglig träning 10.00-11.30, workshop 12.30-17.00 Studio Oskar
(Daglig Träning debiteras enligt Danscentrum Västs gällande prislista.)
30 maj – workshop 12.00-17.00 Studio Oskar
Målgrupp: Dansare och koreografer
Max antal deltagare: 15

OBS! Du måste skriva i din anmälan vilka dagar du ska vara med på workshopen, så att Nina vet i förväg hur många deltagare som kommer att närvara dag för dag.