Takuya Fujisawa


Takuya has been doing “movement and creativity” research between the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria. This activity connects dancers from different countries, where different ideas are shared, polished and brought back to each country and company. 

Previous Work Experience

2015-2020: GöteborgsOperans Danskompani 

2014-2015: The Forsythe Company (Germany) 

2008-2014: Noism (Japan) 


Class Description Contemporary

Through improvisation, we will work together to find ways to face our body and discover new possibilities. I would like to share a diverse perspective and ideas with those who might be uncomfortable with improvisation, those who are looking for a direction, and those who are interested in research.






Class Description Ballet

Based on ballet technique, we will interweave physiotherapy, breathing techniques, contemporary ideas, expand our body potential and focus on how to connect the image with the actual body.