Stream-Flow Method: workshop med Heidi Vierthaler

Re-connect with your body. Move with greater ease, while feeling more relaxed and energised at the same time.

A unique and constantly evolving tool for dancers and non dancers alike, using visual imagery and tactile exercises to help release the body and heighten awareness on many levels. From simple ball imagery exploring inner and outer body, to delicate touch guidance, causing an array of dynamics, from extremely fragile to surprisingly powerful.
Ideal for braking habitual movement patterns.

Heidi’s interest lies in discovering a deeper knowledge of the body’s possibilities for the benefit of others and to continue developing her own distinctive movement language. Stream-Flow is an effective and creative approach to bridging different dance forms or just bring more joy to your life through movement.
The focus of this workshop will be on integrating heightened inner and outer awareness as the foundation of endless initiations and physical organisations.

We will work on separating the body into small sections from joint to joint and space to space. We’ll also develop phrases of movement that will allow for surprising initiations, and a richer result with less effort and a rich pallet of dynamics. At the end, we will blend our personal experiences with new ideas allowing transformation and a different approach to creation

Gain confidence through developing a deeper understanding of your body, and experience a deeper sense of well being.

Tid: Lördagen den 5 oktober kl. 11.00-14.30

Plats: Ärlegården, Ärlegatan 3, Göteborg