Sigge Modigh


​Sigge has a non traditional background for dance. He grew up doing sports,( football, basket ball and Tae Kwon Do,) music and theater. At the age of 18 he discovered dance and was a few month later accepted to Balettakademien in Gothenburg.

As a dancer Sigge worked with Art of Spectra, Oslo Dance Ensemble, Björn Elisson Company, Östre Gaesverk Theater and more.
As well as doing choreography for CIDT he created Secret Wörld for the Balettakademien in Gothenburg in 2013. Sigge also choreographed Oscars kyrkans production of Leonard Bernsteins Mass. A music theater piece for 100 singers and 60 musicians. The musical Cats in Falkhallarna, Falkenberg. Vill ni se en stjärna a music drama about Zarah Leander at Lorensbergsteatern in Gothenburg.  Sigge created a duet for the musical about Drottning Christina. Performed by Base23 at the roayal swedish castle and for SVT.

 Sigge has a big interest in developing new talent and is regularly teaching at Royal Swedish Ballet School, Base23 and Balettakademien in Gothenburg. He also teaches professional dancers at Dansehallerne/Danish Dance Theater, DcStockholm, DcVäst and company classes for Art of Spectra, West Side Story and the Gothenburg Opera cast of Julius Ceasar.

Class description: The class is focusing the ability of moving bigger and faster without using force. How to find the elasticity in the muscles by movements. The ability to be free and precise at the same time. It starts with a calm warmup to prepare you for both standing and floor work. This thru a combination of improvised movements, floor work and classical movements like pliés, tendues etc. A series of exercises will then start were we work on getting momentum by going off balance to the point of no return. How to go up and down to the floor while keeping control of the bodys lines. In my teaching I strive after creating an open atmosphere that allow the dancers to research there limits with an open mind. I´m not wishing to teach anyone a competly new way of dance, but to use and access all the knowledge they inquired during their path so far.