Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson

Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson is a proffessional dancer, and performance artist, trained in contemporary and modern dance, educated in Santiago, Chile at Escuela de Danza y centro Espiral de la Universidad Academia de humanismo Cristiano. Has developed work in a wide range of areas within the performing arts such as dance, theatre, and musicals, as well as creator of performance and own choreographic works in the field of contemporary language, blending movement, voice and interpretation as an ever present theme. Staging seasons at various established venues and diverse independent scene companies internationally and in Sweden. Currently developing social and intercultural projects through dance in Gothenburg with different Swedish artists. Highly influenced by Latin American traditions and performative art in South America, he is now continuing his research of the power of ritualized actions on stage and interested in creating dialogues between rituality and the contemporary performing practices as a continuation after his last solo production IN-DIO at the national opera in Santiago, Teatro municipal de Chile.

Class description:
Space, spirals and flow.  This training is the result of various explorations I have found in contemporary and modern dance highly influenced by Flying-Low dance and Eukinetics (study of the qualities of movement). With the use of electronic music the sequences and the movement are generated with a 360° perspective with a strong emphasis in spatiality and the possibilities between the body and its relation to gravity. We will be breaking frontality and flipping ground and roof up side down! Inspired in the helical movement found in nature and the galaxies, we will gradually warm up using the spiral structures in our muscles and bones, and creating awareness about the backside of our body to loose the fear of what’s behind us and what we can´t see in order to open our self completely to space. I give importance on the use of the pelvis/core through exercises and movement sequences that carry some acrobatic elements such as arm inversions and floor ejections. You will experience high contrasts between the exercises, this way our brain and nervous system can ”rest” and recycle it self.  I believe in versatility within our artistic practice and learning processes as a powerful feature for today’s dancers challenges.