Sabine Groenendijk

Sabine Groenendijk is from Holland and has been working with the Gothenburg Operans Danskompani this season. Groenendijk has also worked at National Dance Company Wales, Hessisches Staatsballett and Staatstheater Wiesbaden and as a freelancer. Sabine Groenendijk has also freelanced with Vaclav Kunes and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Class description : 
– Ballet : 
In the class I like to offer an easy and flowy structure. The aim should be to get the body moving and ready for the day, and most important : the body and mind connected.
The focus for me lies on the flow and joy of movement and feeling free and soft in body and mind.
It is important to have fun together and for everyone to feel free to take the class how ever they need to.

-Contemporary : 
in this class I’d like to offer space and time for everyone to find freedom in movement. When dancing it is important for us to be gentle with the body and enjoy moving. Finding freedom in our body and in space will be a main theme in my classes. Letting go of judgement and letting our bodies lead us through space. It is important for me to experience something together and feel that the class is a safe space to experiment with different ideas. Improvisation can definitely be part of the classes.