Robert ”Rawburt” Söderström

Class Description

Rawburts classes has its base in movements, with his very diverse background we explore the space and the movements of differents styles both on the floor and standing. We learn to use our bodies in different ways and also to explore the musicality and the explosivity between different styles of streetdance and contemporary.

We all have bodies that moves, we just need to find the way our body can do it.

We start with a rather slow and gentle warmup to wake up the body and then go on to build up the strength, technique and focus that’s needed in a dance class.


Robert ” Rawburt ” Söderström is an Educated dancer and a talented Multi-Artist. ​

He was born and raised on an Island in the middle of the Baltic sea, Gotland, Sweden, and art and creativity have always been a big part of Rawburt ’s life. ​

After his studies in dance in New York and Sweden as well as in Munich at IWANSON he has been working alongside many big names, latests with two project on Wermland Operan with Håkan Mayer and also in Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman´s ”The Nutcracker Reloaded”, which has been performed both in Sweden and around Europe.

He has been working with many diverse projects both in the Streetdance world and the contemporary dance scene, for example, the Salzburg Festspiele, Body Rock in SanDiego, Jump United/That´s Dance in New Dehli and with Celidance in Skellefteå. ​