Residens att söka i Tyskland!

movin’ bröllin 

Residencies, procurance, advice for choreography and contemporary dance

In the context of VORPOMMERN TANZT AN – TANZPAKT, movin’ bröllin awards a seven week production residency to a dance company, a choreographer or a newly reformed choreographer team. The residency offers time and space for artistic work, in a calm and creative atmosphere at the castle of Bröllin. The aim of the residency is to enable a close connection of choreographic praxis, research/inquiries, artistic production and qualification. The residency contains working space, accommodation, meals, scholarship money (such as a production budge), and an accompanying advice program. At the completion of the residency the dance company or choreographer(s) present a full-length feature production in cooperation with Theater Vorpommern, to be shown over six nights at four locations in the region. The project suggestion must reference the region of Vorpommern.

Contact: Martin Stiefermann, Email:
Information and application form: (from June 1 onwards)

Application deadline is August 15, 2018

Information sessions regarding movin’ bröllin will take place at May 30, 18pm at K-Salon Bergmannstraße 54, 10961 Berlin and during „Fachtag Tanz“ on June 3 / 4 in Stralsund.

For advice, please register at: