Processvisning KID residens Tors 27 feb

KID Residens processvisning med Simon Rydén & Oliver Jull

Torsdag 27 februari 18.00

Visning inklusive presentation ca 1h

Fika finns från 17.30

Varmt Välkomna!


Mask Suites is a project by Oliver Jull and Simon Rydén. It is a series of short-story dances investigating how masks can be used in contemporary dance, taking inspiration from the writings of Jacques Lecoq and the tradition of Commedia Dell’arte. Oliver and Simon always aim to make entertaining and choreographically complex dances that can take the audience on a journey.

Using masks is an interesting area of research because of their immense performative potential. A mask can turn the performer into an entity rather than a person. They will always raise the question of identity and its boundaries. A mask is a reflection on how we define and see ourselves. They can be used for comedic reasons to depict and question stereotypes or to show human nature in one of its purest forms. Masks are good storytellers that force the audience to engage their own imagination and elevate the performer into a creature of the symbolic and it gives the performer the opportunity to shed all feelings of ego and image. But most importantly, masks are fun.

The most basic purpose of a mask is to hide the real face of their wearer and to substitute it with and artificial face created from the imagination of the mask maker.

However, the act of covering the face is far more profound than a simple disguise, for the face itself has a far greater significance than one’s features.

For the KID Residency in Gothenburg, Oliver and Simon are using two neutral masks designed by Sartori and Lecoq and five Paper Maché expressive masks made and designed by Oliver and Simon.

Simon Rydén och Oliver Jull har haft residens via Konstnärsnämndens Internationella Dansprogram under veck 8-9 2020.