Oliver Mahar


Oliver Mahar has been dancing professionally for the last ten years, both in companies and projects. He has worked at ccap in Stockholm with Cristina Caprioli as well as the Gothenburg Opera performing in their production of Carmen.  Oliver was a dancer in Regionteater Väst in Borås, Sweden, touring and performing new creations from choreographers such as Örjan Andersson and Björn Säfsten, he also worked in Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben’s company, Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre, performing new and existing works from Ivgi & Greben. As a soloist he worked with Prague Chamber Ballet and performed contemporary and neo classical choreographies across the Czech Republic as well as internationally.

Class Description

The class is a release-inspired floor based class with a focus on movement efficiency.  Moving into and out of the floor in an effortless way, I will share the knowledge I have acquired over the past ten years working as a dancer.  We will start moving across the floor, which will develop into some movement phrases.  The class will finish off with some improvisation traveling through the space.