Nina Dipla

Nina Dipla-danza-ROSANina Dipla was born in Thessalonique,Greece. She studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, where she received her diploma in 1993. She became a member of the Folkwang Tanz Studio (FTS) where she danced for, among others, Pina Bausch in the Right of Spring. Since 1999 she has collaborated as an interpreter for multiple choreographers, composers, and scenographers. She was an assistant to the Tanz Wuppertaler Theater (Pina Bausch) for the reprisal of Tannhäuser. Nina currently lives in Paris teaching contemporary dance and gives stages in France as well as abroad (Germany, Greece, Slovania, Argentina, Italy, Chile, Perou,Brasil,  Japan, Serbia, England, Cypre, Switzerland , Roumanie, Sweden …. )
About the class: ”Inspired by the teachings of Folkwang Hochscule, Pina Bausch, the work methods of Nina Dipla are based on weight, energy, breath, and the quality of movement. Simplicity, use of space, and fluidity are the main focal points from which she creates and researches.” 
Nina Dipla conducts the classes  by her original method which has been developed from Pina Bausch’s. Lying on the floor, you simply listen to the voice of your body by searching the center of the body and gravity in silence. Then you will move on your feet engaging in the space by being truthful to yourself without disturbing others. Developing your movement faster and faster, you finally try to transcend the limits of your body and mind. Nina leads you to concentrate on the center of gravity, energy, respiration and the quality of the movement. It’ s important to use the space fully and search for smoothness and harmony.
”UNE ATTRACTION INVISIBLE”  (solo en hommage pour Pina Bausch et Agnés Pallai)