Natalia Vik

Natalia grew up in Norway, but with frequent visits to her family in Brazil. She received her master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bergen in 2009, and she trained during her years as a student in ballet and contemporary dance at Bergen Dance Centre. Here she was awarded two scholarships, and she also got in touch with teachers from Israel that inspired her to learn more about dance in Israel. After finishing her dance education at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in 2007, Natalia attended her first Gaga workshop there. She subsequently made several visits to Israel and participated in the Gaga Intensive Summer Course during the years 2010-2012.

Natalia has worked as a freelance dancer and dance teacher in Norway, Denmark, and Israel, working with choreographers such as Yoni Soutchy, Olivia Vella Betzalel, Yaniv Cohen, Julie Brogger, and Morten Innstrand. She received her certification as a Gaga teacher in 2012 after completing the Gaga Teacher Training Program. Since she completed her education in 2012, Natalia has been teaching Gaga on a regular basis in Israel and also giving classes in the U.S., Norway, Sweden, and Brazil. She was also part of the TNUDA group, a collaboration between dancers and scientists at the Weizmann Institute.