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“The week will reflect my own background which is the place where movement meets theatre. The work will take the same pattern each day:
Warming up using a loose mix of technical work/ movement imagery and drama games. A second session of led improvisationsleading to a longer more open session where tasks and improvisation are used to build work and provoke discussion. It is important to say the workshop is offered very much in the spirit of play rather than a master class and works from the basis of being open to trying things out rather than to produce. A willingness to play and fail are more useful than a desire to succeed and know.”
Wendy Houstoun
11.00-17.30 each day, including:
*Warm up
*Led tasks and improvisation
*Tasks/ improvisation and discussion
Each day will take the same shape but on the last day when the structure will be used to create a directed improvisation which people will be invited to watch.

Om kursledaren

Wendy Houstoun has worked as an independent and collaborative theatre artist since 1980. Her work hovers around the edges of movement and language. Previous performance work with companies (DV8 Physical Theatre, Forced Entertainment, Lumiere and Son) and artists David Hinton, Matteo Fargion, Nigel Charnock) reflect this on-going engagement.
Over time, Wendy has developed solo work as a way of processing both formal investigations and life events and her pieces articulate responses to contemporary life with a serious playfulness.
Haunted, Daunted, and Flaunted, Happy Hour, The 48 Almost Love Lyrics, Keep Dancing and Desert Island Dances have all been performed worldwide. Her most recent solo, 50 Acts continues to tour, having recently won a 2013 TMA award, for achievement in dance. It was also nominated for a national dance critic award.
Wendy is currently working on a new solo, A Pact with Pointlessness which could be seen as a sequel to 50 ACTS with a showing at Lakeside, Nottingham and premiere at South Bank Centre, London June 2014. Following a number of pieces made for companies (Imperfect Storm for Candoco and On The Range for Yorke Dance Project) Wendy is developing a live directed performance called Stupid Women for small and larger groups.

Period: 31 maj, 1, 2 juni 2016

Tid: 11.00-17.30
Målgrupp: Professionella dansare och koreografer
Förkunskaper: Att du motsvarar Kulturakademin Trappans antagningskriterier Läs mer här
Språk: Engelska
Max antal: 15
Plats: Göteborg, Ärlegården, Ärlegatan 3
Sista anmälningsdag: 9 maj
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