Master classes with Nola Rae and Jakop Ahlbom

GBG MimeFest in collaboration with Danscentrum Väst

Broaden your mime master class with Nola Rae 
Mimes are the cartoonists of theatre, illustrating ideas in as few moves as possible. Making the invisible visible, mime is the international art of imagination and storytelling. Principle techniques are articulation and fixed point. This is a guide through fascinating techniques that can make a performer truly memorable.

This is for enthusiastic professionals, who want to know more about what makes visual theatre really visual and who are not afraid to move.

When: Thursday 14 November 16.00-21.00 
Where: Ärlegården
Price: No fee for Danscentrum Väst’s members (for non-members the fee is 250 SEK)
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Working Method master class with Jakop Ahlbom
In Jakop Ahlbom’s master class at GBG Mime he will use the methods he applies in working with his performers during the process of creation.

You have a background and experience in theatre or dance and you are interested in improving your skills in physical theatre.You will learn systems to create unexpected new material in a very short time. The exercises focus on developing physical awareness, sensibility and breaking down patterns and habits that enable discovering new ways of moving.You will be working from improvisation to create and structure new material and experience how Jakop works with the environment, set and available props and furniture. You will learn how to translate different emotions and dramatic intentions into theatrical scenes and physical movement.
Working in groups, Jakop will show how small changes can have a huge impact in the meaning and experience of a situation.

When: Sunday 17 November 10:00-15:00
Where: Ärlegården
Price: No fee for Danscentrum Väst’s members (for non-members the fee is 250SEK)
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