Lucia Oriental 2015 – Workshop Mohanned Hawaz -Iraqi Dance & Mohanned Dance technique

Plats: Arabesque Academy på World Dance Company
Tid: Lör 12 dec kl 13-15
Kursavgift: 350 kr

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”Mohanned has an utterly unique dance style – a combination of classic Russian and modern ballet, jazz, Iraqi folk dance and oriental dance. He has a strong, charismatic stage personality, commands technical prowess and he flies over the stage with enormous grace and concentrated presence.”

Mohanned’s unique dance technique is influenced by oriental dance, arabian folklore dances, classical ballet and modern dance. This unique style teaches good balance and posture, improves muscle tone and strengthens the deep muscles in the abdomen and back. It revolves around retaining power and energy necessary for a whole performance. The workshop concludes with deep stretches in order to achieve long, well-formed muscles and good elasticity and agility.

Mohanned’s Iraqi folk style is developed from the traditional dance forms in southern Iraq. This dance involves movements of the hair and head as well as coordination between the body and feet in order to maintain good balance. This workshop will deal with the folkloric aspects of the dance and in particular the Kaoli style of dancing.