Lucia Oriental 2015 – Workshop Effendi Dabkeh Troupe – Modern Dabkeh

Plats: Arabesque Academy på World Dance Company
Tid: Sön 13 dec kl 13-15
Kursavgift: 350 kr

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The Effendi Dabkeh Troupe represents the modern version of the folklore dance Dabkeh.

The meaning of Dabkeh: stamp. One’s heart starts to beat stronger when the energy of the folklore music has been released. It’s no wonder that the music and the dance are so exalted: originally, the soldiers were dancing this way while coming back home from the war.

The Effendi Dabkeh Troupe was the first in Hungary who started to teach this kind of dance. The troupe – which has been working since 2004 – has two members: on the one hand, there’s the Syrian-born businessman, Dahhan Mohamed (Moha), who is known by everyone as the owner of the Sultancenter. He has been playing music and has been dancing passionately since his childhood. On the other hand, there’s Haddad Henrik (Ricky). He is the artistic leader of the group and an experienced choreographer who learnt and inspired from the dance school of New York Broadway and the world-famous choreographer of Pink. He is also known as a singer. He was the frontman of one of the most successful bands (Picasso Branch) of the 90’s. In weekends, Ricky’s spectacular shows dazzled the audience and on weekdays he taught street-jazz. During those years, the dance played a main role in the Lebanese-born Ricky’s life and he developed his dance skills in international workshops (IDMC).

Workshop: The Effendi Dabkeh Troupe is dedicated to authentically represent the new variant of the Dabkeh, which is spread and well known in Hungary and in Europe. The workshops of the troupe have a happy and special atmosphere and are structured in a way that anybody – included beginners and advanced – could learn the dance. As a drummer, Moha worked years with well-known and popular artists in Syria. Thanks to his experience, he can teach easily the colorful world of rhythms. In their workshop, they teach choreographies which are focused on the dance-steps’diversity of Dabkeh. These lessons are entertaining and professional at the same time.