Liza Penkova



We will start with exercises to loud beats in order to open up the external muscular layers and lift up the spirit. Once we are exhausted and sweaty we will continue with basic somatic exercises that will allow us to create connections in the deeper layers of our body. Starting from horizontal level, gradually rising to verticality. Once in vertical we will continue with some more technical combinations that work on coordination and spatial awareness. By the end of the class we will explore one or two improvisational tools that can allow each individually to alternate the technical combinations provided.


Liza Penkova är en rörelsebaserad danskonstnär baserad i Göteborg.

Förutom egna projekt är hon verksam som dansare med koreograferna Helena Franzén och Michel Noirét, i Norden och Europa.

Sedan januari 2020 studerar Liza en MA i dansdidaktik på SKH, Stockholm, på halvtid och distans.