Lee Brummer

LeeklarLee Brummer is originaly from Israel, where she studied and completed her dance education after earlier training in the UK. She danced with the “Bat Dor Dance Company” and the “Emanuel Gat Dance Company” both in Israel before starting to teach.
Since 2006 Lee has been working both with professional dancers and students internationally, teaching ballet, Contemporary and giving repertoire workshops. She has worked as choreographers assistant in musicals and in various dance productions and since October 2010 she has been choreographing work of her own. Brummer is a Co-founder and Co-director of ilDance, together with Israel Aloni.

About my class:
My class emphasizes on shifting weight and and moving through space. Almost immediately we start using spirals, dropping and recovering from the center of the body, using opposition, taking risks, and through this researching our range, both in our own bodies and in the room. My classes challenge an advanced dancer to use dynamics, musicality and technique to their fullest while at the same time paying attention to details, reason and consequence, and finding one’s individuality in movement while doing so.