Kulturakademin Trappan presenterar: WORKSHOP – COMMUNITYDANS 4 december

En heldagsworkshop med video-/dansartisten Jo Parkes där du får lära dig mer om hur du kan arbeta i Community-projekt på allmänna platser och i film med icke-professionella dansare.

Jo Parkes is a freelance dance/video artist. A “documentary dance-maker”, Jo creates works for public spaces and video which portrait the performers, who are often non-professionals. Her practice is socially engaged: she works in disadvantaged communities and schools and works since 2014 with refugees in Berlin. Jo is a teacher and consultant in socially engaged arts practice and has taught internationally for over 15 years. From 2006 – 2014 Jo worked for TanzZeit, where she was responsible for a pool of 40 artists working in Berlin schools. Jo won the Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award (UK) in 2002. In 2009, her dance/film project “Postcards from Berlin” won a Kinder zum Olymp award – a German award recognising excellence in cultural education projects. In 1995 she received a Fulbright scholarship to complete her Masters in Choreography at UCLA. She has a first class degree in English/German from Oxford University.

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