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En unik möjlighet för scenografer, kostymörer, regissörer, dramaturger och ljussättare att under tre dagar få delta i en workshop med den New York-baserade kostymören Irina Kruzhilina.

inside out_nKursbeskrivning
“The Inside-Out method facilitates the active professional discussion between designers and collaborators, and educates all involved in the creative decisions that give rise to the design. The workshop has been made to be useful for other theatre practioners, not only designers, who have no previous direct experience with costume design. This workshop leads participants step-by-step through the development of a costume design, following a systematic design method that I have developed.

In this workshop, I will encourage participants to create a design for one or several costumes for well-known characters from a classic text in a creative and playful environment. I will first demonstrate the principles of the method in a brief lecture. Participants will then work in groups, dissecting the character for which a costume is designed, and relating it to shapes, colors, textures, and so on. Finally, using readily available materials (fabric, paper, plastic) three dimensional drafts of the costumes will be produced on a dress-form.
The method encourages active discussion about the dramaturgical and narrative properties and strengths of the costume designs, and how these relate to character, plot, text and relationships. While the application in this workshop will be theatre costumes, the method is general and can be applied to other design projects as well, including sets, props, puppetry, etc. This workshop will provide participants with a new vocabulary and new directions in design, which should help theatre makers in their ability to communicate and collaborate with designers, and are useful for educators who are interested to teach a fundamental, step-by-step approach to the work.

The method transforms traditional design approaches, including historical, dramaturgical and textual research with concepts from visual arts traditions (in particular the tradition of Russian Constructivism) into a new system which is widely applicable to the theatre of the 21st century.
The method is based on capturing the essence of a character, or an idea, as a combination of shapes, lines, colors, textures, and other fundamental visual properties. This reduced visual representation then serves as a solid base to apply further features of the characters, and/or conceptual ideas. This can be used to very clearly indicate relationships between characters, highlighting specific character motifs, suggest historical, social or political context.
Building the design from the interior essentials towards the outward appearance promotes synergy between character and costume, and enhances the dramaturgical qualities of a production.”

Irina Kruzhilina

Two video’s that illustrate the approach and its result are available online at:

Homework before the workshop: read King Lear
Day 1
10.00-10.15 Welcome
10.15-11.45 Work overview – I will give a detailed overview of my design work.
11.45-12.45 Exercise 1: Circle Introduction
• The participants briefly describe their relationships to costume design. Four teams combining diverse backgrounds are assembled.
12.45-13.45 Lunch
13.45-15.45 Exercise 2: Play Analysis
• Each team gets assigned a pair of related characters from the play (Goneril/Reagan, Lear/Fool, Lear/Cordelia, etc) . Reframe the play from the perspective of this pair. The teams will discuss dramaturgy, character relationships, transformation. Forget about bodies and clothing. Write down lists of words associated with each character. How do these words progress through the play. What are the transformations of the individuals and of the pair. Each group will also get a setting (space/time) and the participants will decide how it affects the dramaturgy of the play. How is the plot affected by the setting?
15.45-16.00 Break
16.00-17.00 Inside Out Design
• Lecture about the inside-out design method
Homework: bring visual associations you have with the characters that relate to the setting/world of the play. Any type of visual inspiration is good. Find pictures, objects. Do some research online and bring this the next day.

Day 2
10.00-10.30 Lecture: Russian Constructivism
• A short lecture about Russian constructivism and how it relates to costumes as a design framework
10.30-13.00 Exercise 3: 2D design
• Create collages using paper and paint that represents the characters. Two for each character, before and after transformation. First think only about how shapes, lines, and colors can define outlines, direction, movement, etc. Then bring the visual inspiration from the homework into the collage to represent texture.
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.45 Exercise 4: 3D construction
• Using very basic materials, create a life-sized 3D collage for the characters on a dress form.
15.45-16.00 Break
16.00-17.00 Exercise 5: Sketching
• Generate a very simple (but realistic) sketch of a garment based on the 3D collage that was generated
Homework: individual rendering based on individual pieces or transformations

Day 3
10.00-11.0 Bring separate renderings together into a total design
11.00-15.00 Exercise 6: Tyvek construction
• Chose two costumes and create a wearable costume made out of Tyvek. Apply and draw texture on the white material.
15.00-16.00 Final discussion and review
16.00-17.00 Reception

Om kursledaren
Irina Kruzhilina is a New York-based costume designer for the performing arts.
Her work has been shown all over the world. Irina has designed costumes for dozens of theatre, dance, opera, and puppetry performances.
A native of Moscow, Russia, Irina Kruzhilina is dedicated to connecting Western and Eastern European theatre through international collaborations. She received the 2007 NEA/TCG Career Development Program For Theatre Designers.

OBS: Se till att du har bild och cv uppladdat på din profil när du ansöker till kursen. Din motivering ska vara skriven på engelska.

Period 25 – 27 augusti 2015
Tid 10.00 – 17.00
Målgrupp Scenografer, kostymörer, regissörer, dramaturger och ljussättare
Språk Engelska
Plats Göteborg, Lokal meddelas senare

Sista anmälningsdag 14 juni
Övrig information Blir du antagen till kursen ska du ha läst King Lear av Shakespeare innan kursstart. Texten finner du via denna länk: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/lear/full.html

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