KID Processvisning torsdag 12 mars kl. 18:00

Warmly welcome to Alexander Talts’ (SWE) & Sonja-Riitta Laine’s (FIN) process showing at Ärlegården! Alexander and Sonja-Riitta are the KID-residence holders at Danscentrum Väst.

In this project we are looking at cyberspaces and technologies as expansions of human experience and representation. Rather than treating them as external or “other” to our human bodies, we want to approach them through practices of embodiment. We are interested in what other situations and functions we can create, with these devices that are a part of our everyday lives.

Technology, such as computers and phones are integral in dance making (writing applications, playing music in the studio or sharing knowledge with peers online) but what happens when we put them on stage? And how do we use them to open up the virtual world, expand it outside of the screen onto a much bigger and less flat surface?

Our project investigates what happens to dance while accepting the virtual expansion of a body and a self. Altering the studio with layers of projections, moving images and text, we try to dive into the gap between the virtual and what we call the physical reality. The space between the virtual and the physical is flooding with information, creating an installation or a room of expanded data and possible meanings. In this altered space we find new ways of relating and being in our bodies. We look into how the experience of a virtual self can be felt by the senses. We ask what practices of embodiment mean when a person’s body cannot be fully grasped. We wonder what happens to the perception of spatiality.

During the KID residency in Gothenburg, we are building a space where dance and choreography emerge between human and device bodies, screens and surfaces, the organic and inorganic imagery.