Joanna Domanska









Joanna Asia Domanska comes from Poland where she studied in Private Ballet School M.M.Szewczenko and at AHE University of Humanities and Economics where she received her bachelor in dance and choreography. Throughout the years she has worked with De Stilte Dance Company, Great Theatre Lodz, Silesian Dance Theatre, Stella Polaris, Nilla Björkman Dans Produktion, Marina Abramović and on her own projects.


Class description:

In my class i blend various contemporary techniques and aim for preparing dancers body for diverse challenge.The focus turns in and out. We are flowing, we are shrinking. We make our body work in high tempo but at the same time we tune in and open possibilities for creation to step in. I see a dancer as a performer of contradictions. During the class i include different ways of working that open possibilities for dancers to expand their own capabilities. As a choreographer for Global Water Dances in Göteborg this year there will be also some approach to the theme of water, leaving the space to wander into flow and open questions in the theme of water.