InSITEout – meet me, the opponent and the examinator

Tid och Datum: 28/4 klockan 13:00-15:00  Plats: Konsthögskolan Valand

”If there is a formula in my artistic practice and method,
what would it look like and how can I use it?
– Searching for the aXiom of an artistic practice and method”

The last part of my MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts at the Academy of Music and Drama finish the 28th of April in Glashuset at Valand.
opponent: Cecilia Roos
examinator: Anne Södergren

key words:
performance, public space, site-specific, choreography, contemporary, instant composition, improvisation, immersive, multidisciplinary, axiom, moving images, art-activism

Most Welcome!
the project description:

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