Inbjudan från Nefeli Ikonomou!

Vi är väldigt glada över att kunna meddela er om att Nefeli kommer hit till Danscentrum Väst för att undervisa proffsklasser i vecka 18. Du kan läsa mer om Nefeli samt vilken klass hon erbjuder här. Nedan följer en inbjudan från Nefeli till Practicing Transitions som äger rum 12 februari-21februari på WIP konsthall i Stockholm . Med Värme// Alexandra Danscentrum Väst

Practicing Transitions

Performance art, open discussions, origami and photo exhibitions, film screenings, workshops

Pracrising Transitions explores ways of dealing with crises and expands through “pracrising” –collaborative, discursive practicing for crisis. The project traveled through 4 locations: Sweden, Greece, Uruguay and Argentina, and will be exhibited as a Festival in Wip Konsthall.

P T dives into the threshold of “crising” and alternative, collaborative support structures. Through the versatility of expanding situations of shock it develops a toolbox of pracrises –practicing for crisis, testing how people integrate their own mechanisms in situations of disequilibrium. Walking the line of our immense political times, it is not a political proposition per se, but rather a sensible reflection on the states of panic we increasingly encounter. Instead of re-affirming the devastating side of crises events it explores the creative impulses of struggle and possible appropriations.
By posing questions to different artists and friends, this Festival acts as a vibrant collage of multifaceted material for the wider spectrum of collapse. Between the 12th and 21st of February 2016, the program will consist of photo and origami exhibitions and days of events with performances, screenings, discussions and workshops.
P T includes 12 artists in the exhibition program, 16 involved in the artistic process, from 8 nationalities and 4 different countries of research. The project was initiated by Nefeli Ikonomou, a performance artist from Greece, in order to facilitate a discursive platform for reflecting on the experience of destabilized situations.

Opening of the exhibition Friday 12th of February, 17-20, Welcome!
Saturdays, Sundays 13 -14/2 and 20 -21/2, plus Tuesday 16/2 and Friday 19/2 : kl 12.00-16.00
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 15, 17, 18/2: kl. 13.00-20.00

Events, performances (detailed program follow the links below):
Friday 12/2:18:00-20:00
Monday 15/2:17.45-20:00
Wednesday 17/2: 17.00-20:00
Thursday 18/2:17.00-20:00

Free entrance with voluntary contribution!


Project by: Nefeli Ikonomou and collaborators
Participating artists: Aleksandar Georgiev, Danae Economou, Dario Barreto Damas, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliūtė, Irena Tzvetanova, Elli Avraam-Repa, Mikael Kristiansen, Nefeli Ikonomou, Kalliopi Koutsou, Quim Giron, Zhana Pencheva.
Development: WIP Dansstudio, Organizing Discourse, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design
Info and program: and
Where: Årsta Skolgränd 14 BD, Stockholm, 2nd floor, Station: Årstaberg, 100m from Wip:Konsthall


Pendeltåg: station Årstaberg, 100 m från Wip:konsthall.
Tvärbana: station Årstaberg.

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