Heidi Vierthaler, Luca Cacitti & Shay Parthush


As a dancer, Heidi Vierthaler has worked with some of the most prominent companies and choreographers throughout Europe and the US, including Ballet Frankfurt, The Forsythe Company, Ballet Dortmund, Tanzwerk Nurnberg, Ballet Chicago and Pacific NW Ballet. She teaches and creates works for companies, festivals and universities world wide. These include Cullberg Ballet, Gothenburg DansKompani, Carte Blanche, Skånes Dansteater, Compania Nacional de danza, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Het National Ballet, Random Dance Company, Modafe Festival Seoul, Soloist Festival Seoul, Kjung Hee University Seoul, Royal Swedish Ballet School, Codarts University, DAF Rome, Konservatorium Den Haag, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Palucca School Dresden, DOCH University Stockholm, Dansalliancen Sweden, Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Emio Grecco Ick Amsterdam, Akbank Sanat Istanbul, Seattle Dance Project, amongst others. Heidi is Amsterdam based stichting “Hato Projects”, focuses on the further development of her Stream-flow method, which has recently been recognised as an effective somatic movement method. Hato’s cross discipline performances with industrial/fashion design and architecturally unique spaces, are frequently commissioned by “Droog Design” to create performances that fuse together design and dance. An up close cross discipline experience. Projects is foundation directed by Heidi Vierthaler. Together with her close core of dancers, it focuses on the further development of Stream-Flow® method, and it’s many cross discipline collaborations. Luca Cacitti and Shay Partush are the main collaborators in Heidi ́s work and

all projects related to her Amsterdam based company ”Hato Projects”.



Luca Cacitti is a dancer from Italy who studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Since completing his training he has worked with several choreographers and companies in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Currently he freelances in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Luca started his collaboration with Heidi Vierthaler in 2012 and since then they work closely on many projects, such as “Hato Projects” and is trained in her Stream-Flow method.

Shay Partush is an Israeli dancer living in Amsterdam. He trained and worked with major companies in Israel and The Netherlands. From 2011 he worked with different companies and choreographers in The Netherlands and in Europe. At the moment he is freelancing in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Israel. Shay collaborates with Heidi Vierthaler in workshops and performances, including her Stream Flow-based stichting “Hato Projects”.