Elements of Performance Art The Ting: The Theatre of Mistakes with Anthony Howell.

Call to Participate in an
Open Workshop: November 3-5
(Application deadline kl 13.00 October 25)

Founded by Anthony Howell, The Ting, later The Theatre of Mistakes, was an influential interdisciplinary UK-based collective (1974-1981). Their foundation was generated via advertised ”happenings”. Attendees co-developed a series of game-based exercises collectively recorded as ’The Gymnasium’.

By 1976 these were refined and published by Anthony Howell and Fiona Templeton as ’Elements of Performance Art’. The collective’s methods are outlined against six elements: conditions, body, aural, time/space, equipment and manifestation with a total of 42 exercises. This was possibly the first manual-manifesto for Performance Art in the UK. Its exercises will be revisited in this workshop.

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