Dags att söka Master Programme in Choreography

The Master Programme in Choreography comprises two years of advanced studies. It is practice based and research preparatory, and qualifies the student for a Master of Fine Arts.

The structure of the programme resembles a choreographic score that facilitates the correspondences and interferences between different artistic and non-artistic practices and their potential for reformulation. The MA in Choreography creates a milieu for learning, research and creation processes, as well as for the development of choreographic practices. Negotiating and analysing different notions of the body and of movement, it focuses on problem-posing and emphasizes the links between choreography and social, ethical and political movements. It takes interest in the complex dynamics between arts, civil society and the public, and critically addresses the question of agency in relation to choreography. Here, the question of participation is crucial to the programme, including the reflection on the own involvement and responsibility in choreographic and societal processes, as well as in the productional and organizational dimensions of choreography. The programme operates internationally, but also emphasizes the importance of local relations and implementation.

Behörighet (2016)
Grundläggande behörighet för programstudier på avancerad nivå (kandidatexamen eller motsvarande).
Särskild behörighet
– Godkänt arbetsprov som visar egen erfarenhet av koreografiskt arbete,
– Godkänt behörighetsprov som visar konstnärlig förmåga i koreografi
– Kunskaper i engelska: Engelska 5 eller motsvarande

Sista ansökningsdag 1 februari.

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