Creating with Artificial Intelligence A workshop for dancers and choreographers

FRIDAY APRIL 15th 2016 at 10:00-14:00
3:E VÅNINGEN, Sockerbruket 9, Göteborg

What connection can AI have to dance performance and creation? How is one’s embodied experience influenced through observing and moving with a digital dancing partner? 

In this workshop, dancer and performer Valencia James and AI developer Alex Berman will share their research into how AI can be used as a creative tool both in the studio and during live performance.

The workshop will start with a warm-up that will tune the focus to inner sensing of the body and movement and gradually open up to sensing its relation to the outer environment, preparing it to receive new impulses. A dance software will be introduced and interaction modalities will be explored primarily through improvisation and ultimately lead to experimenting with composition.

Free admission. A maximum of 8 participants. We need your registration by April 6th.

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Organized by AI_am and 3:e Våningen as an official program of the International Science Fair, Göteborg. With support from The Cultural Board of Gothenburg.

AI workshop 3dje