Corporeal mime masterclass with Mai Rojas

In collaboration with GBG Mime Fest Danscentrum Väst offers a masterclass with mime artist Mai Rojas.

3 November 10-13 at Danscentrum Väst, Ärlegatan 3, 414 57 Göteborg

Register by mailing your name and a few lines about your artistic practice to before October 31st. Free of charge.


Masterclass description:
Corporeal mime is a narrative theatrical art form, where the body of the performer is the main instrument of communication, a universal language free from barriers. In the words of Richard McDonald “the mime combines the agility of a dancer, the subtle perception of an actor and the gentle mood of a clown ”.

The principles of corporeal mime serve as a key for the creator, opening doors to a world which allows you to show emotions and thoughts in a highly stylised manner. This multiplies the possibilities of the artist who can create more freely and realise his imagination with greater clarity.

The participants of the workshop will work with some of the basic principles of the grammar in corporeal mime by Etienne Decroux, such as: articulation of body parts and movements, movement in various dimensions and with different rhythmic qualities, and the use of weight as a theatrical attribute. These are all put into dramatic context and demonstrated through selected physical scores created by Etienne Decroux and other artists.

About Mai Rojas:
Born in Costa Rica in 1980, where he discovers a taste for the stage at the National Theatre Workshop. He obtained a degree in Speech Theater at the Royal College of Dramatic Art in Madrid.

After starting his career with the Contemporary Theatre Companie of Madrid XXI Century / Pro-RESAD, Giratablas, l ’Skene, Xavi Villena, National Theatre and other theater groups, Mai Rojas decides to extend his training in the specialty of physical theater at the Center for Training and Creation MOVEO of Barcelona.

He later worked for the THEATRE DE L’ANGE FOU and graduated as a professional mime by the International School of Coporeal Mime in London. As a performer in several productions with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, he uses corporeal mime tools to create his characters.

Parallel to his career as a performer, Mai Rojas has given workshops in schools in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, England, Barcelona and Madrid.

Without ever neglecting to personally and creatively participating in the production of his shows as a mime and a director, in 2013 he founded his own company “THE SCULPTORS OF THE AIR”.

The masterclass is open for mimes, actors, circus artists, dancers and performers. To apply send your name and a few lines about your artistic practice to by October 31st the latest! We will accept participants on a first come first served basis, so don’t hesitate to apply. As a collaboration between GBG Mime Fest and Danscentrum Väst the masterclass is offered free of charge.