Choreography for Social Change Striving for Truth through Interdisciplinary Dance-making


med Kimberly Karpanty
Period 1, 2, 3 och 4 februari 2016

Danscentrum Väst i samarbete med Kulturakademin Trappan, Dansalliansen och Högskolan för scen och musik

“We all strive for the truth of our ideal vision, and all artists respond to this experience in a different way– with frustration, pain, or apathy. It is what this four days workshop is all about.”
Kimberly Karpanty

Day 1
• Morning: Movement Class – 90 minutes Pilates Mat class. Modern Dance warm-up. Core Dynamics® Pilates is a movement-based approach to Pilates’ work created by his former student and dancer Eve Gentry. Mat classes begin with basic exercises and advance through the “classic” mat work.

• Break

• Afternoon: Workshop – 3 hours. The participants will begin to learn more about each other through a sharing session about memory and experience. They will move into a related movement improvisation that will develop from basic locomotion and literal gesture to personal dynamic choices and preferential use of space and transformative imagery. The participants will explore the value of creating and integrating original gesture into phrase-work and choreography for movement invention, expression and communication. The day will close with sharing of movement discoveries. The participants may be given observation and writing tasks overnight.

Day 2
• Morning: Movement Class – 90 minutes Modern Dance Class. This eclectic post-modern class is based in contemporary developments of the Limon, and Taylor styles, and incorporates Karpanty’s movement explorations. Floor work and body conditioning informed by Pilates and Horton/Lewitsky are also significant portions of the class. Technical elements focus on alignment, breath, release, weight exchange, impulsion, gesture and an expansive use of space. Performance is emphasized to encourage participants to communicate an individual expressive voice within the phrases given.

• Break

• Afternoon: Workshop – 3 hours Character and Motivational Studies. The workshop will begin with a class in the Stanislavksy Method of Acting to develop character and motivation for choreography. The participants will move from an individual/internal investigation to duets where they will explore relationships with each other and the space through proximity and impulse studies, contact improvisation, and non-traditional partnering. The day will close with sharing of movement discoveries and a discussion of responsive current events. The participants may be given observation and writing tasks overnight.

Day 3
• Morning: Movement Class – 90 Minutes Modern Dance Class, same as Day 2.

• Break

• Afternoon: Workshop – 3 hours Collective Creation 1. The participants will work in small groups on a collaborative project, beginning by sharing solo, duet and observational discoveries. Each collective must include contributions of all members. The group will begin to develop a short thematic work that includes spatial, time, effort, motif, character, interpersonal and motivational choices. Prop, costume, sound, text, projection and other interdisciplinary elements will be encouraged to change the architecture of the space. Site-specific and/or film explorations will also be options, depending on availability and interest.

Day 4
• Morning: Movement Class – 90 Minutes Artists’ (participants’) Choice – (Modern, Concert Jazz, Pilates, Improvisation).

• Break

• Afternoon: Workshop – 3 hours Collective Creation 2. Collaborative projects will continue to develop thematically and kinesthetically. Interdisciplinary elements will be incorporated, evaluated and modified. Groups will share their projects with each other and decide on a presentation format for the end of the day.

• Happening at 16.00
Families, friends and colleagues are invited to view an informal “Happening,” a sharing of our small collective projects.
Workshop content and schedule are subject to change in collaboration with participating artists.

Om kursledaren
Kim Karpanty, MA, MFA, is the Artistic Director of Travesty Dance Group (Cleveland, OH, USA) and an Associate Professor of Dance at Kent State University. She performed and choreographed professionally in New York City for over a decade and has been an invited guest artist and teacher at numerous universities and dance festivals. Karpanty has over 50 dances in modern dance, dance theatre, screen dance and concert jazz dance genres, produced throughout the United States and abroad in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. She is a Fulbright Specialist Scholar and is certified in The Simonson Technique and Core Dynamics Pilates.

Period 1, 2, 3 och 4 februari 2016

Tid 1 februari: 10.00-12.00 och 14.00-18.00, 2 februari: 9.00-10.30 och 10.30-1600 (inkl lunchrast), 3 februari: 11.00-12.30 och 13.30-17.00, 4 februari: 9.00-10.30 och 10.30-17.00 (inkl lunchrast). Workshopen ovan inkluderar även Danscentrum Västs dagliga träning.

Målgrupp Professionella dansare och koreografer

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Max antal 12

Plats Göteborg, Ärlegården, Ärlegatan 3

Sista anmälningsdag 11 januari

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Foto: Larry Coleman

Kimberly Karpanty