Aaron Vickers

Aaron has created, toured and worked with Jean Abreu Dance (as a dancer and rehearsal assistant), Ashley Warren, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, Anthony Lo-Giudice, Vivien Wood, Marc Brew Company, Renaud Wiser Dance Company (RWDC), Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre (where he worked with Christopher Bruce and Sharon Watson), Lynne Page, Peter Darling, Rebecca Evans, Morgann Runacre-Temple, Cathy Marston, James Cousins Company and RegionTeater Väst.

Aaron has guest taught in various institutions including London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), English National Ballet School, Rambert, London Studio Centre, Urdang, Central School of Ballet, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Royal Holloway University and has taught both class and rep to companies including Scottish Ballet, New Adventures, Regionteater Väst (Sweden), Marc Brew Company, Verve (Northern School of Contemporary Dance), Alexander Whitley Dance Company and James Cousins Company. I also lead open Professional classes in England, Wales, Norway and Scotland.

During my career I have tried to always keep playing with how the floor can be helpful to us in all areas of movement. I try to continue this idea of play and research when leading class so I can hopefully facilitate others to find what works for their bodies when using the floor.


Class description:
This is an energetic floor work class, focusing on stamina, transferring weight, creating space in the body and looking into ways of using the floor to facilitate movement. The class starts by mobilising the spine and finding length in the body, drawing upon ideas and pathways we use when standing and the similarities when transferring them to the floor.

This focus develops around a fast, dynamic yet technically detailed movement quality with an emphasis on where movement begins. Using efficient methods of moving to enable us to transition to and from the floor, preparing the body to develop its strength and fluidity and challenge new extremes and pathways in the body when moving through space.